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2011 LEO Scholarships Awarded from Friends of Hawaii Charities Grant

FOR RELEASE: April 27, 2011

At the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year, the Kamehameha Lions Club Foundation was honored to receive a scholarship grant from the Friends of Hawai`i Charities in the amount of $3,000. The purpose of the scholarship was to reward at least one member, if not more, of the statewide LEO Clubs program with funds to continue their higher education, being especially sensitive to students who otherwise may not be able to afford college tuition or other expenses. The goal of the ongoing KLCF LEO Scholarship Program has always been to ecourage increased student participation in community service projects, enhance the adult-to-student mentoring connection around educational and professional pursuits, and to provide increased interest in pursuing higher education for students whose financial situation may find it cost-prohibitive.

The scholarship application was distributed to members of the 34 LEO Clubs membership in Hawai`i through the efforts of District 50 Hawai`i Clubs and the District 50 Hawai`i LEO Clubs Secretary. By the submission deadline of April 8, 2011, dozens of applications were received, representing 13 different Hawai`i high school LEO Clubs on the islands of Kauai, Maui, Hawai`i, Molokai, and Oahu.

An independent panel was appointed by the KLCF Board of Directors and chaired by Dr. Jean Hankin, researcher emerita of the Cancer Research Center of Hawai`i and professor of public health at the University of Hawai`i. The independent panel's mission was to provide an unbiased thorough review of each application submitted, including follow-up interviews with the applicants and school advisors, as needed, to determine which applicant(s) would be awarded the scholarship.

The results of the independent review were compiled in a blind comparison for final determination by the KLCF Board Of Directors. In the comparison, neither the names of the LEO's or their high schools were available to the Board members to insure their final decision would be solely based upon the merit of the compiled independent comparison study, without bias.

After considerable discussion, the LEO scholarship recipients from the 2010 Friends of Hawaii Charities grant were determined at the Kamehameha Lions Club Board of Directors first quarter meeting on April 19, 2011. Through a process of tie-breakers, the $3,000 grant was divided among three (3) finalists on their individual merit of Financial Need, Commitment to Community Service, and Academic Excellence, as follows:

1) Valerie Migita of King Kekaulike High School LEO Club, Maui - - Awarded $1,500.
2) Michelle Chen of La Pietra Hawai`i School For Girls LEO Club, Oahu - - Awarded $1,000.
3) Richard Tran of McKinley High School LEO Club, Oahu - - Awarded $500 .

The Kamehameha Lions Club Foundation is extremely proud of the outstanding scholarship recipients and very grateful to the Friends of Hawai`i Charities for their grant to make this particular scholarship possible. More LEO Club Scholarships from other endowments and grants to the KLCF will be announced in the weeks ahead.