In The Beginning…

The International Association of Lions Clubs was started by a Chicago insurance agent named Melvin Jones, who consolidated several clubs into one strong influential service organization.

23 clubs participated in the first Association Convention that commenced on October 8, 1917.

Today, the Lions are the largest and most active service organization in the world, with nearly 1.4 million members in over 180 countries worldwide.

Kamehameha Lions History

• Lions Clubs International of Chicago chartered the Kamehameha Lions Club on October 21, 1948.

• Kamehameha members made many unique contributions to Lionism. Among them, Charter Kamehameha Lion George Akau is credited as the person who originally coined the International Lions motto now used throughout the world: WE SERVE .

• Kamehameha Lions Club was also the first club internationally to be named after an individual. Charter members named the club after King Kamehameha to honor his strength and power in uniting the people of Hawaii as the first monarch of the Islands.

• Our 53 Charter members came together in 1948 from a variety of professions in business, government, entertainment, science, and education.

• The Kamehameha Lions Club signed a twinning agreement on November 10, 1979 with the Osaka Sumiyoshi Lions Club to promote international goodwill and help bring nations and people closer together. It became a tradition to celebrate with the other club, their charter anniversary, every five years since 1982.

• In 2007, our club proudly created the Kamehameha Lions Club Foundation 501(c)3 charity.

• In 2009, we formed our first LEO Clubs for Youth Leadership with Sacred Hearts Academy and La Pietra School.

• In 2011, we formed our third LEO Club for Youth Leadership at Kalani High School.

• In 2014, we formed our fourth LEO Club for Youth Leadership at St. Louis School.

• In 2015, we elected the first District Governor in our club’s history, Lion Jim Bryan.

• In 2016, we topped 200 members as the largest club in Hawaii’s District 50 history.